Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Trick To Copy With “Format Painter” With A Single Click But Unlimited Multiple Paste

How can I use “Format Painter” for unlimited multiple paste?

As you might know that using the “Format Painter” Excel function is very useful and save time. 

Nevertheless, not many people know the trick and enjoy using it in a very simple way.

Trick is:

1] Select the specific cell(S) that you want to copy the format. (Ex. as the image below is cell "A2")
2] To click twice quickly without moving the mouse (Double-clicking) onto the “Format Painter” function button.
3] Click to any cell(s) you want to paste the format to.
4] Click on the “Format Painter” again to inactivate the task regards no more use.

Before "Format Printer"

Processing "Format Printer"

After "Format Printer"
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