Saturday, August 16, 2014

Excel Trick to Make a New Unconventional Graph with “REPT ( )” Formula

Not only graph in the ribbon for ready use but also in the formula too. This method is very simple to use and look unconventionally.

Thus, I am going to tell you how to create the mentioned graph with formula as below.
1. Make your own table in your Excel worksheet as same as mine. (See the image above)
2. Change font in cells between “D3” and “D8” to “Webdings” style.
3. Input formula =REPT(“M”,C3) into cell “D3”
4. Copy, paste and apply the formula as of no.3 above for the rest of cells between “D4” and “D8”. They will be liked these below after completion the formula.

"D3" =REPT(“M”,C3)
"D4" =REPT(“M”,C4)
"D5" =REPT(“M”,C5)
"D6" =REPT(“M”,C6)
"D7" =REPT(“M”,C7)
"D8" =REPT(“M”,C8)

Alright, then it should appear the graph image with men symbols as image shown above.

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