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How to calculate "date" in Excel?

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If you want to redo your last action (Multiple Levels) in your Excel sheet, what are you going to do?

YOU! Do you know that in Excel office program having a function calculate “DATE”?

Yes, the function of date value calculation is formed with the syntax “=today()”

A formula to calculate any date in Excel

The benefits of this formula:

It will give an automatically value of the “CURRENT DATE” whenever it is loaded,-auto refresh.

The following is the step handling the function:

👉 Click into any cell in your Excel worksheet.

👉 Fill out the syntax formula =today().

👉 Edit the formats to display as your determine.

see the formula to Calculate Any Date In Excel Worksheet use right here in our blog
Fill out =today() into any cell.

image shows the way to calculate date in an Excel
The result is given as the DATE shown.

see all step and image how to calculate date in an Excel spreadsheet use =today()
The "Format Cell" function for edit your format.

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 a. I'm going to use the shortcut keys of Crtl+Y

 b.  I think they are the shortcut keys of Crtl+H

 c.  I will use the shortcut keys of Crtl+C

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