Monday, April 8, 2013

[Page Down] Excel Keyboard Key Button For Moving Down Page Screen One By One

2 ways for moving Excel's screen down

To move the screen of the current spreadsheet you are working on it with keyboard. Instead of using a scroll down with a mouse, using the button "PAGE DOWN" seems more comfortable way.

Just in case wanting to move the active Excel spreadsheet goes down page by page. There are two ways to manage it.

1. Using the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll the worksheet up and down. To roll backward or roll into users, the page will move up. On the other hand, to move the Excel worksheet or to move the page down, to roll the scroll forward.

Scroll wheel backward to move the page down 

2. This the alternative way for moving Excel spreadsheet or page down. Just press on the "Page Down" button where usually is at below the "Page Up" button on the right side of keyboard tray(see image attached below). In addition, to do the worksheet upward, you just only press onto the "Page Up" button.

Press the button "PageDown" to move the page down

Page Down
To move one page screen down.

It will start from the current active worksheet and go screen one by one. The cursor, which is in the active cell, will move to the new screen, but still stay in the same position area.

What does the difference between using the "Scroll Roller" and the "Page Down" button?

The "Scroll Roller" is used to roll from one position starting to move and ending at anywhere once you stop rolling it, whereas the "Page Down" is best for moving from one page screen to the next screen. Keep pressing the button "Page Down" until to get to you wherever as aspect.

Does it help?
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