Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 More Alternative Shortcut Tricks Minimize and Maximize Excel Workbook

Excel generally offers methods to manage its window size as below : :

  • To minimize and maximize(restore) a workbook by clicking mouse onto the small square button on the workbook. 
  • To minimize the Excel screen window, clicking the third square button from the right side of the top right corner. 
  • To restore out from minimize window size, click the Excel workbook icon at the task bar of Excel workbook respectively.

Hereafter are more detail of the methods by using mouse:

Minimize >> Click on the minimize button at the top right corner of Excel workbook.

Maximize >> Click the Excel icon that is fold down on the task bar.

The above methods are commonly functions to min. & max. Excel window. Moreover, not many users know the shortcut keyboard key to deal such the methods above. These shortcut ways can be done without using a PC mouse. So that your job would go smoothly if you had forget to carry it(mouse) with you.

The two more alternative methods are showing as follow:

1st. alternative method minimize Excel workbook.
  • Press Window logo key button and freeze.
  • Press the “M” letter key on your keypad.
  • Release your those two buttons.
2nd. way to minimize workbook.
  • Press “Alt” and “Space bar” and hold them.
  • Press the “N” button on your keyboard.
  • Then, just move your fingers out of the three buttons.
Well done! Now you know more how to shortcut your way, work out of the box and save your time too.

Window logo key + M
Minimize Excel workbook.
Alt + Space bar + N
Same task as above, fold down Excel workbook.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

[Ctrl] + [F9] Shortcut Excel To Minimize The Current Entire Workbook Window(s)

Tip of shortcut Excel to minimize all current workbook windows to an icon. Therefore, if there is more than the only one of Excel program, which is opening at the same time in your computer, just the only CURRENT workbook will be folded.

The short way above is to fold the entire Excel workbook window to a small icon, which will minimize and stay at the below left corner of the Excel workbook.

This method uses the only two buttons of letter on keyboard for completion.


This shortcut will help an Excel office program users who do not want to minimize the entire Excel program window that they are opening.

Methods of minimize workbook window(s):
  • Press the button [Ctrl] and hold on 
  • Press the [F9] botton key
  • Release the two key buttons above

Ctrl + F9
Minimize the current entire workbook window(s)

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Paste Data into Selected Excel Column of Entire Range Only Single Click

Trick to copy formula, text, number and any data entering from the current active column to the next adjacent column whether it is on the left or right side.

Please take note that this method is worked for the only column that has every cell through out it containing data entering. If there is any empty cell (blank cell) between them, this Excel trick will only work for until the last cell, which the adjacent column has the data entering inside the active cell then it will stop.

If you want to resume the this method again for the rest cells. Just double click on the fill handle, the small black square again. Keep doing like this once encounter such as the same kind of problem.

For example [see the image below], supposing we are going copy data from column “J” and then to paste into column “K”

Trick methods how to copy and paste:
  1. Click in cell “K1” and fill out the “=”[equal] in it.
  2. Move cursor to click in cell “J1” and press the “Ctrl” and “Enter” buttons on your keyboard. After that the cursor will active in cell “K1”
  3. Move cursor to the square in the lower right-hand corner of the cell “K1” until the small black square appearing.
  4. Double click the fill handle (the small black square as shown as the action of the step no. 3 on above.).

The result should come out something like all the data entering (formula) in the entire active cells in column “J” already copying to column “K”.

That’s all done.


Free from mouse using.
Easy way method.
Save time.
Can comply for other function.
Find the empty cell(s) in the origin column.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

How To Find Data In A Range of Specific Cell Of Excel Spreadsheet

Let us say I am going to find a letter or number in an Excel spreadsheet. In addition, the data I am looking for have onto many activate cells within Excel spreadsheet, such as the number “296”. Nevertheless, the number as I have mentioned that is just filed into lots of cells.

However, I just would like to find it only in the specific area, in the column “E” of the current active Excel spreadsheet.

In order to resemble the topic above and the prepared image below very closely. I am going to tell everyone as the approach step by step as follow:
  1. Select the column, row or a range of cells as needed. {In here you should see that I have selected the “E” column}
  2. Press shortcut letter on keyboard “Ctrl + F”. Once, a “Find and Replace” function box display.
  3. Input what the specific data as purposed in the “Find” blank space. {I have filed out number “296”}
Then, the number “296” will be marked with highlight.

That’s all finished.
Do you think it helps?

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

What Does The [F8] Button Of Excel Keyboard Use As A Shortcut Way?

The keyboard key "F8" of Excel is very useful for cells extinction from the first selected one to the cells wherever in the spreadsheet as Microsoft Office Excel Program users wanted.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Shift] [F11] Excel Shortcut Insert New Worksheet into Current Workbook

In Excel, use the buttons "Shift" and "F11" to insert new worksheet

Let's say that we are going to create a new Excel spreadsheet into the current workbook. In Excel, there are two alternatives to get it done.
  1. The 1st method is to use the key button in keyboard [Shortcut way]
  2. The 2nd method is to deal with mouse pointer [Common way]
Shortcut way(Using the keyboard keys);
  • Press the [Shift] key button down and keep freeze it.
  • One more time pressing the other button, [F11], while keep press the [Shift] key button down.
  • Release the both buttons.
Then the new Excel worksheet would appear immediately before the current active sheet. However, if you want more another new sheet, just keep doing as same as the method as above.

Once do pressing the two key buttons, one more new sheet will be inserted. So, do it as many as the number of the new sheet you want.

Shift + F11 ---> To insert a new worksheet into an Excel workbook.

Common way (Using the PC. mouse);
  • Move mouse pointer to any the name sheet tab.
  • Right click on your mouse.
  • Click on the “Insert” tab, where is at the top of the prompt display function dialog box.
  • Click on the "OK" button.

Are these methods making you more comfortable with your working for Excel Microsoft Office?

Do you find this article useful?
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