Saturday, February 22, 2014

[Ctrl] + [F10] Shortcut Excel To Minimize/Restore The Selected Workbook Window

Today I am going to tell you the shortcut way to minimize and restore the entire Excel workbook window. This function will reduce Excel window's size to only half of its full size screen window.

Hereafter is the shortcut method:

Methods of minimize/Restore workbook window:
  • Press the button [Ctrl] and hold on 
  • Press the [F10] 
  • Then, just release the two key buttons
If you want to restore Excel window from the minimize size to its normal full size. Just only repeat the previous methods again, press Ctrl + F10, then it will come back to its before size.
Function KeyResult Description
Ctrl + F10
To minimize/restore the selected workbook window
Excel Window Minimize Size

This will help you on focusing the data entry in Excel cells more specifically. Because this trick will reduce the number of lines in the screen for about half of its original number.

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