Monday, July 28, 2014

Trick How To Delete The Same Data In Multiple Places With An Easy Way

In Excel worksheet, supposing, if there are some data that they are the same and filled in the multiple active cells.

Then you want to delete all those same data from your worksheet. Yes, you can figure it out with a cool way as I am going to show as below method.

Trick to delete the same data in multiple places:
  • Press “Ctrl” “F” to display out the “Find & Replace” function box.
  • Fill out the data to be deleted into the “Find” blank space (Here in the image below,"Before", is the word “Need” for example.)
  • Click on the “Replace All” button.
That’s all done. The word "Need" has disappeared as the second image,"After", beneath that is shown below.  
How did it work?

The "Find & Replace" is used for finding the data to be deleted and immediately replaced by any data as wanted. In this article, I just leaved the "Replace" blank space empty,-none data being filed out.

Therefore, the word "Need" would be deleted without any new data to replace.

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