Thursday, September 25, 2014

How To Escape Away From Header And Footer To Normal View | Exceltip2day

With my real experience about using “Header and Footer”, function. I have been frustrated looking around for how to escape away from the view’s status of “Header and Footer”.

Firstly, I thought it should have the way out by clicking on the bottom of itself, “Header and Footer”.

After I had searched it for a while. I could make it out and want to share you all as bellow:

Method of away out from “Header and Footer” view to Normal view.

1] Hover your mouse to the “View” tab and click on it.
2] Click on any cell that out of the “Header and Footer” blank space.
3] Click on the “Normal” tab.
4] Immediately, save your file.

Header and Footer Status
Select cell A2 which is out of Header blank space
Become to Normal View
Then, try to close and re-open your file again. It should show you with the normal view. If not, repeat the method above again. (Do not forget to save your file immediately after your page become to “Normal View” status.)

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