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How To Use "=NOW()" Formula And Get Current Date And Time (Varies) In Excel | Exceltip2day

See how to use "NOW()" formula in Excel

How To Use "=NOW()" Formula And Get Current Date And Time (Varies) In Excel- ExcelTip2Day-Shortcut, Trick and Solving Methods Excel tip, how to fix, shortcuts
Figure 1. Shown the prospect cell to show the current date and time

In this post, you will see how to use the "=NOW() Formula"

Previously, if someone questioned me, “How will I get such as the "Updating Current Date And Time" as the mention above?” I would doubt.

How about you?

Don't worry. Today I'm going to show you how to obtain it.

Hello everyone. My name is Leng, You can see me and my posts about Excel tips, shortcuts, and how to fix any error here--through my blog "ExcelTip2Day"

In the Excel office program, there are many formulas and functions to help users to handle their job easily.

Today, this blog, “Exceltip2day”, is going to describe to you the method of how to find out the “Current Date and Tine” with formula in an Excel worksheet.

The following is the syntax of Excel formula to use for sending out the result of  “Current Date and Tine”


The benefits of this formula:

It will give the automatically updating date and time whenever that Excel sheet file is opened, - auto refresh.

How to use it step by step below:

👉 1 step:

 Select your prospect cell in your Excel spreadsheet (See figure no.1) 

👉 2 step:

Fill out the formula immediate below inside it (See figure no. 2) 


See the image below for more easier understanding.

Figure 2. Shown the "=now" syntax formula is entered in cell B3

Figure 3. Shown the return of a Date Value.

There, you will see the result, the Current Date shown in the cell B3 already.  Yet, if you would like to show more the Current Time as well. Thus, you have to custom your format cell to dd/mm/yyyy h:mm as per the figure no. 4 below.

Figure 4. Shown how to custom the Current Time.

Right here, the final result of our tips on how to use the "=NOW()" Formula, showing you the completed Date and Time actively.

Figure 5. Shown the Current Date and Time.

Hope the tip on how to use "=NOW()" Formula will be useful for you accordingly.

Do you know?

What to do if your monitor screen upside down?

 a. Pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow.

 b. Pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow.

 c. No, I have never heard of this issue before.

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Does it help?

What do you think?

Before I am about to say goodbye to you, I hope that what I have posted and shared with you today. They will be beneficial for you, your company, and/or any relevant.

If you love it, I will be happy. If you share this with your friends, I will be shiny.

And, I hope to receive any feedback from you guys. Because they will be such treasures--any error in this blog--for future improvement.

See you again.

Thanks for reading.

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