Sunday, February 22, 2015

Quick Way To Copy and Paste The Entered Data To The Immediate Underneath Cell | Exceltip2day Blog

In Excel worksheet, if you want to make the copy and paste function the entered data of above cell to the adjacent below cell.

The Exceltip2day blog has already described you the quickest ways and illustrated image for understanding and follow it by yourself.

Do the below steps;

1] Find the cell you want to copy. For example, you will see the image below supposing to copy the entered data from the cell B3.

2] Go to the immediate underneath cell you want to paste data into. It's the cell B4.

3] Press the button, "Ctrl" and "(Quotation mark)". Then, suddenly the data will appear in the cell B4 as the same as the data of the cell B3 above.

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