Sunday, September 21, 2014

Technical Tip To Select Or Copy Data Entered Between Range Of The Particular Cells And Uppermost Cell (A1)

One technical tip of Excel using of today that I want to share you all, it is the only private trick that I have tried many times to discover the simple way to copy the data entered between the range of particular cells and an uppermost cell (A1).

Eventually, I found the ideal way to copy or select the desired group of cells as follow:

As per the screenshot for an example to show, you right here. Suppose to select and/or copy the wanted cells, which begins from the cell “E13” and the cell “A1”. Including all cells in the range to the upward, cell “E1”, and to the leftward, cell “A13”

1] Hover your mouse to cell "E13" and "Click" on it. (In yellow)

2] Press "Ctrl" "Shift" "Home" buttons as the same time together.

Get DONE! Now, you can do whatever as you desire such copy, delete, format,...

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