Saturday, September 20, 2014

How To Display The Data Entry In All Empty Cells On The Left Of Pivot Table

Why does Pivot Table not show me all data in the left column?

Hello friends, think you are one of those among of Excel users. Encounter the hidden data of Pivot Table.

Pivot Table function is one that be used very often. The outcome of Pivot Table report usually display with a brunch of empty cells on the left within its range.

Here we go on how to select the layout and show out the hind data in empty cells.

1] Once the Pivot Table is done, It usually looks like the printing screenshot below. Please, look at the yellow in column A, from cell "A5" downward. See that they are all empty.

2] Go to the "Design" tab in the Ribbon and click it > after that click on the "Report Layout" > then again click on the "Repeat All Item Labels"

3] Done! Notice that the words "Small Truck" have been displaying out from their hiding.

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