Saturday, April 26, 2014

[Ctrl + H] Shortcut Excel Keyboard Key "FIND and REPLACE" | Exceltip2day

This function very similar to the "FIND" function. They are both in the same order dialog menu box. But this "Ctrl+H" keyboard key Excel shortcut is for calling out the "Find and Replace" dialog menu box instantly.

Step by step shortcut method:
  • Press "Ctrl" key and hold it on.
  • Press "H" key button on your keyboard as well.
Then, the "Find and Replace" dialog box will appear instantly on your current worksheet.
  • Then just type whatever you want to REPLACE into the "Replace" blank space and don't forget to fill out data which is being replaced into the "Find" blank space too. 
  • Press the "Replace" button to get the outcome which is the new data entered (text/numbers...) will replace the unwanted data one by one cell. In case if you want to replace them all the whole worksheet, just click on the "Replace All"
Ctrl + H
To find the unwanted data and replace with the other information in your "EXCEL" worksheet.

Michael Leng

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