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[Ctrl + H] Shortcut Excel Keyboard Key "FIND and REPLACE" | Exceltip2day

Good evening. Today, I'm going to talk about:

Press the buttons "Ctrl" and "H" to access the "FIND and REPLACE" function for Excel.

My name is Michael Leng. My article consists of 2 parts. In the first part, I'll describe the "Step by step shortcut method". I'll show you the figure of how the "Find and Replace" work.

This function very similar to the "FIND" function. They are both in the same order dialog menu box. But this "Ctrl+H" keyboard key Excel shortcut is for calling out the "Find and Replace" dialog menu box instantly.

Let's start with the 1st part;

Step by step shortcut method:

  • Press "Ctrl" key and hold it on.
  • Press "H" key button on your keyboard.
Then, the "Find and Replace" dialog box will appear instantly on your current worksheet.

  • Then just type whatever you want to REPLACE into the "Replace" blank space and don't forget to fill out data which is being replaced into the "Find" blank space too.
  • Press the "Replace" button to get the outcome which is the new data entered (text/numbers...) will replace the unwanted data one by one cell. In case if you want to replace them all, the whole worksheet, just click on the "Replace All"
Now, I move on to the 2nd part; the how the "Find and Replace" dialog menu box look like.
Ctrl + H
To find the unwanted data and replace with the other information in your "EXCEL" worksheet.

This figure brought out by press "Ctrl" & "H" in Excel

That bring me to the end of my posting.

I really hope my today's post I have shared with you all will help you to work on your Excel office more easier.

Thank you for your kind attention to my posting about shortcut key button to call out the "FIND and REPLACE" box .

Michael Leng

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