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I'm Michael. Welcome you all to my blog "Exceltip2day". I'm going to talk about what and how to use an Excel shortcut key as this highlight as follows:

"ALT" + "F11" keyboard shortcut to open a visual basic editor.

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Do you use Excel for your daily work?

I'm Michael Leng, I work for a company in Thailand. In my working office, we usually use Excel to handle our tasks.

Therefore, I would like to share with you all through my blog the simple tips about Excel.

In Excel Version 2010, There are, as far as I know, 2 ways to display the "Visual Basic Editor" box for the next proceeding the task in Excel program.

The first choice is recommended. Because it is very quick and easy. The shortcut is as follows:
  • Press the "Alt" button and keep hold it down
  • Then also press the "F11" together at the same time

Keyboard shortcut:  To open the Visual Basic Editor to create Macros.

Windows shortcut 


Then, "VBA" box is going to come out instantly as the image shown below.

Shortcut key to call out a Visual Basic Editor using for creating macro in an Excel spreadsheet
The figure shows the "VBA" box

Secondly, pertaining to the "VBA" is commonly located within the "Developer" ribbon tab.

Moreover, the Developer tab does design for displaying for instantly use.

Hence, we have to bring it out first-then we would see the "VBA" for application later on.

Find on the "How To" below:

  • Seek the File tab on the left of Excel Workbook, there, choose the "Options" beneath the "Help"
  • Once the Options dialog box is shown, clicking "Customize Ribbon" on the left side of the dialog box which is under the "Advance", but upper the "Quick Access Toolbar".
  • Selecting the "Popular Commands" under the "Choose Commands From" which is on the left of the dialog box.
  • Under the "Customize The Ribbon" on the top far right side of the dialog box, select the "Main Tabs", then selecting the "Developer" checkbox which it is in a large square box.
  • Clicking "OK" button at the down below right side of the "Main Tabs" box.
  • Then the "Developer Tab" will display on the ribbon that it usually locates next to the "View" ribbon.

That's all the both Excel operations for Pop Out the Visual Basic Editor for Application.

At this stage, beside the "VBA" you can also just select the Macros, Record Macro, Macro Security,... Buttons on the tab.

So, now you know how to access the VBA(Visual basic editor) already. As I have shared with you the ways how to reach it as above.

I really hope that this my today's article about fixing and performing an Excel office by yourself would help rescue you from any trouble in an Excel more or less.

This weblog is designed by the writer in order to help you, the Excel office user, to know how to solve and or operate it in your home.

Why do I build this blog- “ExcelTip2Day-Shortcut, Trick, and Solving Methods”?

As far as you may know, nowadays the Excel office, the one out of the several programs, which is commonly accompanied with the Microsoft window, is extremely useful for the most working office across the world.

Many years ago, when I have been just the newcomer staff joining the international company. They gave me the PC with some basic Microsoft office’s programs besides the warehouse management system.

At that time, I was not only the newbie for this the company, the apparel business type but also the PC and all related program in it.

In the meantime, my boss was French. He is the very good guy. He taught me the how to of the program work, particularly Excel office.

I thank and appreciate him a lot since he sympathizes with me.

That’s why, after I have learned more and more about Excel, it’s time for me to forward a little knowledge for you and or anyone who is interested or facing any obstacle in Excel office.

That's the end of my posting for today.

Tip Answer

 a. It's Ctrl + Alt+ Up Arrow.

 b. It's Ctrl + Up Arrow.

 c. It's Alt + Up Arrow.

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That's the end of my posting for today, don't forget to follow me and please leave me any comments, thus, I could use them for my future articles improvement.

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