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[Alt + F11] Excel Shortcut To Open Visual Basic Editor To Create Macro | "ExcelTip2Day"

Do you use Excel for your tasks?

In Excel Version 2010, There are as far as I know, 2 ways for display the "Visual Basic Editor" box for next proceeding the task in Excel program.

The first choice is recommended. Because it is very quick and easy. The shortcut is as following:
  • Press the "Alt" button and keep hold it down
  • Then also press the "F11" together as the same time
Then, "VBA" box is going to come out instantly as the image shown above.

Alt + F11
To open the Visual Basic Editor to create Macros.

Secondly, pertaining to the "VBA" is commonly located within the "Developer" ribbon tab. Moreover, the Developer tab does design for displaying for instantly use. Hence, we have to bring it out first-then we would see the "VBA" for application later on. Find on the "How To" below:

  • Seek the File tab on the left of Excel Workbook, there, choose the "Options" beneath the "Help"
  • Once the Options dialog box being shown, clicking "Customize Ribbon" on the left side of the dialog box which is under the "Advance" and upper the "Quick Access Toolbar".
  • Selecting the "Popular Commands" under the "Choose Commands From" which is on the left of the dialog box.
  • Under the "Customize The Ribbon" on the top farthest right side of the dialog box, select the "Main Tabs", then selecting the "Developer" check box which it is in a large square box.
  • Clicking "OK" button at the down below right side of the "Main Tabs" box.
  • Then the "Developer Tab" will display on the ribbon that it usually locates next to the "View" ribbon.
That's all the both Excel operation for Pop Out the Visual Basic Editor for Application.

At this stage, beside the "VBA" you can also just select the Macros, Record Macro, Macro Security,.. buttons on the tab too.
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