Saturday, September 6, 2014

[Resolve] Excel – Why Can't I See The "0" In My Excel Workbook?

If you are looking for what to fix the "0"[Zero Number] disappear when put at the beginning of the string of data entry.

Here I am going to share you the 2 ways of solving such that kind of.

1] Simply put an apostrophe [ ' ] in front of the number like this '000666. This mode might show you an error message but won't make any wrong to the numbers.

2] To set the specific format at the "Custom" category.

This step below will show you how to make it done:

  • Right click mouse, which is already onto the cell to be worked.
  • Click on the tab "Format Cell..."
  • On the "Number Tab" click the "Custom" that is usually at the lowest line from the Category list.
  • To fill out the "0..." equal to the digit number as required in the Type: space box. Ex. type 000000 (6 digits) as for 000656.
  • Click "OK" bottom at the below right corner of the "Format Cells Box"
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