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I'm Michael Leng. Today, in my blog "Exceltip2day", I'm going to talk about the shortcut keys:

Ctrl+0(Zero) to hide the column.

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Do you know what is the shortcut key to insert the current date in any cell of a worksheet?

In today's article, it consists of how to use the shortcut keys to hide the selected column in an Excel sheet.

The first part, I'll describe to you why you have to use the shortcut keys as I have mentioned above.

Sometimes, when you operate on an Excel worksheet if you want to hide any column in order not to see any data in them or to shrink them, whereas getting more the other columns to come to appear in your window.

Here is the table of the shortcut key buttons to proceed to hide the column.

Shortcut for: Hide the selected column.

Windows shortcut


Now, I'll tell you the step by step of using the shortcut key buttons.

👉 Use your mouse click into any cell of the column you want to hide.

👉 Press the Ctrl+0 key buttons at the same time.

👉 Release your fingers out of the buttons.

See the snapshot below which are showing how to operate it.

Figure no.1 shows cell Column "C" before getting hidden.

Figure no.2 shows the cell Column C after getting hidden

That brings me to the end of my posting.

So, from now on, if you would like to hide any column in your Excel sheet, you know to use the shortest way to handle your task quicker than the regular method.
Tip Answer

 a. It's both Ctrl+;

 b. It's both Ctrl+:

 c. It's both Ctrl+-

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