Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[F11] Keyboard Shortcut Create And Insert Excel Chart With Data In Separate Chart Sheet

Thanks for Excel to help us handling lots of job, especially calculation. It is a really wonderwork for office's works.

One of many function of Excel is Chart. It is plotting data to use for presentation for comparing data in any period of time such sales amount, employees attendants, fertility rate, etc.

The "F11" on the top line of keyboard somewhere a bit on the right. Just press on it, then the empty template of "Chart" will come out instantly in the new spreadsheet, which is before the current one.

To repeat you again that this shortcut is best for plotting the data later on after the chart template is available in a worksheet. Moreover, it is in need of new sheet create and insert. Then you can select what type of chart, edit data, and label, which is you want to deal with it.

Create and insert chart with data in current range in a separate Chart sheet.


In case you don't want to use the shortcut key {F11}, another way to display the "Chart" is:

Clicking the "Insert" tab ribbon, then you will see the chart that it is commonly shown with the 7 types, column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and doughnut. Select one you like and proceed for plotting data entry.

If you want to see more the different kind of chart, simply click on the expanding arrow at the lower corner right down (Dialog box launcher) on the "Other Chart" command botton in the ribbon tab.

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